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About the owner

Michael Tally is the Broker/Owner of Tally Real Estate Group LLC. Michael received his real estate license in 2001 and obtained his broker license in 2008. Michael has actively invested in residential real estate since 2005 and has purchased and sold 100's of homes.

 Michael has an "eye" for a great deal and he has helped numerous individuals and corporations make sound investments in the metro Atlanta market. After years of planning and go back and forth on what he wanted his company to be known for Michael made a decision to open a small brokerage that would specialize in corporate and individual investors. January 6 2012 Tally Real Estate Group was created.

 The company is young but Michael has over 12 years experience to anchor his brokerage and staff. Michael is determined to provide his clients with a one stop shop for their investments that is why Tally Property Management is already in process of being created as well.

 Michael has no desire to have a huge brokerage with 100's of individual agents but his vision is a small BUT efficient team that will be big enough to provide excellent customer service but small enough to stay on top of all the small details of every transaction. Michael motto is simple-------We work for you, NOT just a commission!