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About Tally Real Estate Group
  • We have a solid reputation in the South Atlanta real estate community.
  • We utilize seasoned negotiating skills to protect and position you.
  • Have extensive experience in handling challenging real estate transactions.
  • We provide critical real estate analysis to help you make informed buying and selling decisions.
  • We deliver outstanding customer service to all clients regardless of economic position.

Company Profile

Experience Tally Real Estate Group is one of the top HUD and REO brokerages in GA,MS and TN. Possessing over 15 years of  experience, our agents provide an unparalleled level of knowledge, professionalism and service to their clients. This level of expertise has allowed us to sell more properties in our target market than any other real estate firm in the region.

Specialization Brokers at Tally Real Estate Group are dedicated to exclusively selling investment properties. Our brokerage service provides clients with brokers who are focused 100% on meeting both sellers’ and buyers’ needs. Our expansive database and relationships with owners throughout the region have brought Buyers and Sellers together on over 500 transactions.

Client Service Our brokers are experts in the transaction process. We get to know the unique interests of individual clients and provide them with detailed and insightful analysis, competitive pricing recommendations, and comprehensive marketing packages. Our team of real estate brokers helps clients reach their investment objectives guiding them through the transaction process smoothly.

Teamwork Our team of brokers work together to accomplish our clients’ goals. At our weekly sales meetings we analyze emerging market trends and discuss current investment offerings. This culture of information sharing helps us better match Sellers and Buyers, and provides a broader range of investment options and information to our clients.

Commitment Our brokers are committed to putting their clients' needs first. We value the relationships we create and continually seek ways to enhance the value we provide to our clients. We provide sound investment advice as we maximize the results we achieve for our clients - now and into the future. "We work for YOU, not just a commission.We are committed to our clients' interests well beyond the current transaction.